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Abhinav Public School


Tinkering Sessions

There is no such thing as “Less Information”.

Workshops are extremely important in a school environment to promote pupils’ wellbeing and increase their awareness in their day to day life. Student Sessions act as a beneficial source that empowers students to take responsibility for their own happiness and success. Abhinav Public School has conducted numerous workshops to facilitate and impart knowledge to the Abhinavians in different walks of life. Sessions on various topics such as ‘Stress Management’,'Substance Abuse and Health & Nutrition’, 'Anti Bullying' , 'Good Touch and Bad Touch', ‘Road Safety Awareness Workshop’ etc. were conducted. The students were enlightened and took away important life lessons. The workshops were conducted in a play way method which created an aura of fun and enjoyment among the students. The workshops gave them a platform and helped them to prepare themselves for the real world.

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